The Company

Merkallis is a brand of Carnes Meireles do Minho, S.A. who based in Alfena-Portugal. Its activity focuses around importing, producing, transforming, distributing and exporting Food Products.

The company’s productive activity, is based in a meat transformation industrial unit, which dismantles, cuts, packs and distributes swines, bovines, ovines and poultry.

Beyond its own modern range of ready to cook meals, with a wide scope of references for each of the base raw materials, the company prepares and commercializes fresh, frozen and ultrafrozen products, since it has at its disposal a whole cold processing chain.

The production of charcuterie goods is made in its own unit, which also supplies white-label products.

Merkallis’ logistics unit, also operates with fish and seafood, fresh and frozen, vegetables, canned food, dairy products, wines, olive oil, codfish, and even, baking and pastry goods.

With a significant presence in the domestic market, its product has a clear incidence in the North of Portugal, through its store distribution network of Trustworthy Meireles insignia, setting its Foundation in 41 selling outlets.



With the offer of a product catalogue, composed by hundreds of references, we have at our disposal stock available for immediate delivery, and an organisation at the productive plan, logistical and customs level, which allows us to deliver our goods all over the world, in a timely manner, with the proper customs documentation treatment.

We operate with mixed loads which allows us to process orders, composed of a multiplicity of merchandise, within a wide scope of frozen, refrigerated, fresh, and dry products, in a single order, diminishing significantly the minimum order level.